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I am Manoj Pillai from Miami. IceManu is my nickname in F1 Racing League.

I graduated in Computer Science from Florida International University in 2008 with a GPA of 3.9/4. Currently, I am working as a Lead Software Engineer at Assurant Solutions. Along with that I work on several different personal Websites.

My vision is to build world class Websites, Mobile apps and Webservices to provide world a better platform for communications.

Wonder Costumes - Self Owned family Business.
Microsoft - I did my internship at Microsoft. However, I didn't pursue my career at Microsoft as I felt Seattle had a boring life style.
American Airlines - I worked as System Analyst in Finance department for 1 year & learned as much as possible on Business management & I moved on.
Assurant Solutions - I am currently working as a Senior Software Engineer. Currently, very happy with my worklife.
Sports - Formula1 - My Idol Michael Schumacher "Never give up, there's always a chance, you just have to keep going and seize it when it comes..
Music - I love all kinds of Music but my favorite is Electronic Dance Music and I like to attend Concerts.
Stock Trading - I am still on learning curve in it. I like DayTrading.
Touring Around the World - I just need someone to accompany me and I am ready to go!
What's on Cards ? - Spain, Italy, France, Brazil, Australia, England, New Zealand and list goes on....
My Dream Car - Maserati GTS
My Websites
Wonder Costumes
Halloween Costumes Webstore - Ranked in Top 10 Halloween Website in US for year 2009.
Pets Classified Website - Slowly growing website as Google search engine hasn't showed much love to it yet.
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